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Safety and Care for your products.



Teething Toys and Garlands contain small parts and while we take the utmost care and highest of standards hand-making our products, these small parts may become a choking hazard. Never leave children under 3 years of age unattended with our Teething Toys and Garlands. Please regularly check your products and If you notice any damage or defects with your product please discontinue use and dispose of it.


All jewellery items have been created for Adults or persons over the age of 3 years old, jewellery is NOT A TOY and should NEVER be given to children under 3 years old. It contains small parts that may become a choking hazard.



Our timber rings are 100% Non-Toxic,

All our rings come unfinished (no oils or waxes used) to avoid toxicity and unexpected allergic reactions.

Every customer has the responsibility to ensure that any items made using dainty dragonflies products comply with all relevant rules and regulations applicable to the market in which the customer wishes to use/re-sell in.
Loose beads & rings are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. Please do not allow children under the age of 3 to be left unattended with or play with loose beads & rings.

This product is to be used as a component, not a stand-alone toy.

This product has been tested and complies with EN 71-3 and AS-NZS 8124-3


All our products can be washed in warm soapy water or wiped over with a warm soapy cloth and left to air dry completely. 
Do not submerge timber products into the water, if your timber becomes rough and worn you can give it a light sand and if wanted you can treat it with coconut oil or a food grade wax to give it new life.
Please inspect your products regularly and if they become damaged or defected dispose of them immediately.
Thank You.